Victor F. Perkins: Film Critic. Author. Educator


Victor F. Perkins

 Victor F. Perkins is a British film critic, educator and renowned author of Film as Film (1972). His essays have been published in numerous publications, including monographs in BFI Film Classics series on, The Magnificent Ambersons (1999) and La Règle du jeu (2012). Perkins was also the founding editor of MOVIE magazine (1962-2000) and a current editor of Movie: A journal of Film Criticism (2010). He has lectured on film studies at Warwick University in the United Kingdom since 1978.

The first time I read a passage from V.F. Perkins’ essay, The Magnificent Ambersons, I was captivated by his descriptive and masterly crafted array of meticulous words. Perkins, not only describes the narrative unfolding, he heightens the character’s gestures, movements and motions. Andrew Klevan’s essay titled Description, depicts Perkins as being, ‘attuned to the nuance of performance and its importance to a fiction film’s meaning, structure and effect.’ Perkins focuses his analysis on what would appear to be the most insignificant of mise-en-scene or character motion. He not only interprets the scene, he then gives an alternate view of the same events that transpired. Followed by the alternative effect any minute change in character action would have on the film.

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